As part of a pilot project, Oromocto is the only town in New Brunswick where residents can easily recycle their glass food jars at the local redemption centre - keeping them out of the landfill.


A glass container takes a million years to even begin to decompose, but glass can be recycled an infinite amount of times over that million years.


The Town of Oromocto in partnership with the Department of Environment and Local Government, TRI-R Redemption Centre and Rayan Environmental Solutions have developed a four-month pilot project to recycle glass food jars and keep them out of landfills.


It’s SO easy.

All you have to do is remove the lids, clean your clear glass food jars, separate them from your regular recycling and then return to Tri-R Redemption Centre at 16 Lewis Street in Oromocto.


From there your glass jars will be given a new life outside of the landfill.


After four-months this project will be assessed for success and sustainability.

You can continue to recycle corrugated cardboard, office paper, newspapers, plastic shopping bags, magazines and glossy paper catalogues, paperback books, telephone books, refundable beverage containers, metal cans and cardboard.


These items can be brought to the regular recycling depots at Atlantic Superstore, Freeman's Convenience and Jungle Jim's.


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